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Friday, 3 May 2013

Hi , dear readers ..  ^^

First of all , i'm really sorry .. i didn't mean to make you felt so bad .. If you do not like what I wrote in my posts, please let me know .. please be yourself and come up with the courage to express what you are not pleased about all things related to my blog ..

i realised that i'm not a perfect person but i've try my best to be what i think it is good for me .. i do really want to know the reason why you said like that .. then , i think again and again and i asked myself , "do i have to take it seriously about what you have said ? " .. then again , i realized that it is your right to say whatever u want .. it's up to u , my dear "unlike" ..

that's all i want to say ..
thanks for reading ..
sincerely from me , HY ..


Thanks for reading ♥