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Alone without Mr. Fiance
Monday, 6 May 2013

Hi and good morning , dear readers !

The first thing i'll do when i wake up is i take my phone and check whether there is a message for me or not .. and suddenly , i got a message from Mr Fiance .. huh ! i'm  wondering what does he said in this little tiny message .. then , i read the message .. the first thing that goes out from my mouth is wow ! haha

hope you don't mind if i'm so happy at this lovely morning .. don't you want to know it ? i guess you don't care about it a t all , right ! haha , im really sorry for being so annoying at this morning .. actually , Mr. Fiance will go to work at KL .. i just felt a little bit worry about Mr. Fiance because this is the first time for him to come to KL .. hope he'll be fine ..

i really miss him .. there's been three months we didn't see each others .. i really hope that i can see him standing in front of me right now .. huh ? but sometimes , the reality is not the same like what we wants .. so , don't expect to much because it will makes heart felt so hurt when it was not going well as we expected ..

erm , i gonna go now ! i haven't breakfast yet .. see you next time !

sincerely from me , HY ..


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