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I love her songs !
Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hi , dear readers .. !

I felt so bored right now .. and the only things that is in my mind is create post about her .. don't you want to know who is she ? then , let me tell you who is she .. she is the most beautiful and cute girl i have seen and i do admire her .. i admire her because i love her songs .. and one of her songs that i love most is love story .. ^^ she is Taylor swift ..

now , you are already know her .. i heard that many people didn't like her because all of her songs are telling about bad guys .. but , i think that is not her fault to tell about her love story .. that's her right to do whatever she wants .. whether she wants to tell her feelings through her songs or not .. as we know , anybody have their own right to do what they want .. am i right ? if you are disagree with me , you can tell me , okay !

sincerely from me , HY ..


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